My first foray into graphic design started when, as a teenager, I began creating book covers for stories that I would write and hope to one day publish. Those covers captured my passion for visual storytelling and paved my way to becoming a graphic designer.
Raised in Jeddah by the Red Sea before moving to Geneva to study media and communications, I was enamoured by diversity and different cultures. I learned different languages as a hobby while earning my BA—minoring in journalism with certificates in magazine and documentary production. Since then, I sought to connect with others through storytelling and language, gaining experiences that range from working at the Cannes Film Festival to becoming a language teacher in Montreal, where I completed my master’s degree in Media Studies.
Throughout all this time, graphic design has been a constant presence and the pull to dive deeper into the field kept getting stronger. After becoming an education marketer, I went to study at the renowned Shillington School of Graphic Design. There, I learned more about the design process and principles, creating eye-catching visuals and meaningful brand identities. I'm based in North Ontario but open to remote opportunities and working on all types of design projects.
Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, HTML/CSS/basic JavaScript, Copywriting, Languages (Arabic, English, French, Korean—and others at varying stages of fluency)
Interests: Writing/Reading, Music, Painting/Illustrating, Pottery, and Stamp Collecting
Thinking of working together? You can reach me via email at or on Instagram!
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